About Us

Klickity Klack Nails is a black owned business based out of New York City. This brand was launched to provide individuals with reusable and durable salon quality nails without the hassle or inconvenience of having to go to the nail salon. If you are like us, you know the struggle of having to find the right salon or nail tech to do your nails. This business provides the option for you to switch things up in your nail care routine. If you are an individual that doesn't have the opportunity to spend obscene amounts of money on a set of nails that will ultimately break or damage your nails not to mention having to do a "fill in" every 2 - 3 weeks these are perfect for you. These nails are custom made to your personal nail size and shape, as well as reusable. Every set comes with a nail care kit and your press on nails! You have the opportunity to change up your style whenever you'd like and as often as you'd like. We provide pre-made and custom nail sets that fit everyone's style. Feel free to order and support a local small business.