Nail Prep Kit


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This kit includes: 

Alcohol Wipe

Cuticle pusher stick

Mini buffing block

Nail glue 

Double sided sticky nail tabs 

Step 1: Cleanse nail bed by using alcohol pad 

Step 2: Gently push back cuticles 

Step 3: Buff nails 

Step 4: Apply nail glue to the natural nail or inside the press on nail

Step 5: Apply double sided sticky nail tabs to the natural nail then apply the press on

*Please READ: For long lasting application make sure to follow these steps accordingly. Nails should last 1-2 weeks with the proper application. For short term wear measure double sided sticky tabs to match the press on that you wish to apply and apply the press on nail according to the steps. 

Each set requires the same steps, depending on the thickness of the press on you might need to apply a little pressure to make the nails stick to perfection.